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The playing of Serguei Milstein reflect the best traditions and qualities of Рussian pianistic school: romanticism from it's best appearances, delicacy and richness of touch, perfect mastery of pedal, imagination and intelligence of interpretation.

Elisabeth Leonskaya


The source from which the Soviet masters of the art of piano-playing draw their talent appears to be inexhaustible.

This fact was confirmed yet aigain at the "Salle des Chevaliers" at the concert of the pianist Serguei Milstein , award-winner at the "Prague Spring" InternationalCompetition.

Milstein fully deserved the enthusiastic comments he received after his concert.


The luminous pulsation of Johann Sebastian Bach, the burning sincerity of Franz Schubert, the diaphanous grace of Joseph Haydn, and all the Russian soul of the suppleand the powerful Serguei Prokofiev, all of that was present, Friday evening, in the little hall of the "Centre des Fontaines" , in Eu.

The concert given by Serguei Milstein , a young russian pianist , was trulyexceptional. It would be a cliche to say that such words, such superlatives, which are used too often, too loosely , do not depict the enthusiasm shared by audience. But certainly we had here, with us, a virtuoso pianist of international level.

This pianist, with his breathtaking and visionary style, granted us one of those rare moments of musical delight that serious music-lovers can hope to experience a few times in thier lives.

Jacques SCHAFF
Eu - Le Treport - Mers


The pianist Serguei Milstein was the star of the evening at Pardubice. He performed the Tchaikovsky's Concerto in B Flat minor, which, although well- known and often played all over the world, had not been performed for a long ti-me in Pardubice.

It was worth waiting for. The soloist's bravura performance, grounded in perfect technique and profound understanding of the soul of the work, in infini-tely eloquant and dynamic musicality, accompanied by an orchestra whose sound was perfect , led by the Hungarian conductor Istvan Denes , had the audience applauding long and fervently, demanding two encores.

(Pardubice news)


Serguei Milstein's concert at the "Maison de la Rencontre" in Ecully revealed once aigain this true artist: amazing technique, never hurried, admi-rably mobile and precise hands, subtil nuances, dynamic accuracy, and with all of that, great musical maturity.


Total success at La Roque d'Antheron

There was also the day devoted to Jacob Milstein, during which hommage waspaid to the great teacher, who for fifty years in Moscow trained generations ofpianists, as was demonstrated by some of his pupils, includind his son Serguei,an eminent performer himself, as he show by playing with rapt enthralment Schuman's Arabesque, opus 18, Liszt's sombre and profound Funerailles and impressive Prokofiev's 8th Sonata.

Philippe Gut

Milstein has miraculous technique, very mobile playing , the art of blending musical colours. These abilities naturally form part of expressiveness of world- famous pianists. However , Milstein 's extraordinarely musical personality employs these means in a fascinating way and transforms them into a sensitive message. Schumann's Kreisleriana, Liszt's Sonata in B minor and Rachmani-nov's works revealed not only Milstein's impetuous temperament but also the pianist's inner wealth.

Alena Borkova
Brnensky Vecernik


...Milstein presented himself as a true master of his instrument, able to combine technical virtuosity with perfect musical immersion. The field of romantic music is extremly familiar to him... Milstein's evening was fascinating. The pianist was enthusiastically called back and play many more items.

Rudolf Pecman

... The Beethoven evening concluded with the Fourth Piano Concerto. The international award-winner Serguei Milstein gave a very free interpretation, in one breath. The second movement was particularly penetrating, with the soloist's heart-rending monologues interrupted by the austers reponses of the orchestra. Here, the pianist found an intense emotion, untinged by sentimentalism, which is to be firmly advised aigainst for players of Beethoven's music.

And in vivid contrast to these states of mind comes the music of the spreakling finale. Brilliantly played, it arroused a very enthusiastic reaction from the audience, and was even, avery rare occurence, given as an encore.

Youri Levachov